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Chemistry of the Unpolluted and Polluted Troposphere

NATO Advanced study institutes series, seris C, Mathematical and physical Sciences; V. 96
Rapidly increasing Interest in the problems of air
chemistry and air pollution has led to a significant
expansion of knowledge in the field of atmospheric
chemistry, where several of the classic disciplines like
meteorology, physics and chemistry have joined in
combined research. The NATO Advanced Study
Institute, held on the Island of Corfu. September 28 -
October 10.1981, offered the ideal opportunity for
a comprehensive survey of present knowledge in this
relatively new field of atmospheric science, allowing
for communication and exchange of scientific
information about the chemistry of the troposphere.
The introductory part of the book presents problems
in. and methods of. measuring trace gases and aerosols
before moving on to a treatment of the thermodynamic
structure of the atmospheie, its influence
on transport and distribution of trace compounds,
and ihe interactions between trace compounds and
climate. The next topic deals with atmospheric cycles
of some of the more important trace elements and
compounds thereof, in order of their occurrence in
the periodic system.
The book goes on to discuss the fact that the
troposphere is not a homogeneous gas phase, but rather
a region in which a great number of heterogeneous
chemical and physical processes occur in cloud and
precipitation droplets, or at the surface of particles.
The final section deals with pollution problems.


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